Children use art to fight landmines

MORGANTOWN — In the time it took you to read this sentence, someone, somewhere in the world, stepped on a landmine.

In 2016, for example, internal observers report that 2.089 people were killed by landmines, with another 6.516 injured.

More than 80 perfect of the causalties were civilians, and 42 percent of them were children.

Since 1999, students at St. Francis de Sales Catholic School have been building awareness of that plight through art.

The organization is PSALM, which stands for Proud Students against Landmines and Cluster Bombs.

Its advisor, art teacher Nora Sheets, has taken PSALM’s message to Bosnia, Cambodia and other trouble spots on the globe where undetected, unexploded ordnance continues to maim and kill.

PSALM students showcased their work Feb. 2 at the Monongalia Arts Center.

“There’s still so much we need to do,” student Juanita Garcia said.