STEM on display at Trinity Christian

MORGANTOWN — Trinity Christian School students put their science skills to the test Thursday morning as the annual fair got under way.

Lois Campbell, STEM (science, technology, engineering and math) specialist at Trinity, said the fair consisted of students in honors classes from fifth through ninth grades. About 50 students participated, displaying a variety of experiments in presentations at the fair.

“They explain really well, particularly the upper-grade students,” Campbell said about the students’ ability to convey technical concepts. “They have a really good grasp of chemistry and forensic science and biology.

“The younger students are very excited because they did a lot of hands-on work for this, and they do all their own investigation here at school with me so that they really understand the concepts,” she added.

Champions of the science fair were: fifth grade — Rylan Sharp, Noah Toler and Ethan Tomlinson; sixth grade — Hannah Hughes and Hannah Tager; seventh grade — Isaac Wong; eighth grade — Norah Chase and Katrina Hyde; and ninth grade — Trevor Cooke.

Special awards went to Bethany Byrne, fifth grade, for physical science; Lydia Knight, fifth grade, for environmental science; Chloe Mullens, fifth grade, for life science; Noah Toler, fifth grade, for engineering science; Hannah Hughes, sixth grade, for life science; Hannah Tager, sixth grade, for engineering science; Hope Kinder, seventh grade, for environmental science; Jada Smith, seventh grade, for physical science; Norah Chase, eighth grade, for physical science; Trevor Cooke, ninth grade, for engineering science; Jaclyn Smith, ninth grade, for life science; and Katie White, ninth grade, for environmental science.