Selders brothers take in one last season at MHS

MORGANTOWN — There isn’t a day that goes by where the Selders brothers don’t try to outdo each other in something, no matter how silly it may seem. That’s the nature of brotherly love.

“It’s the little things, too,” Drew Selders said. “Like one-on-one in the basement playing on a mini-hoop, or even who has the least cavities at the dentist. There’s usually always a competition between us every other day.”

Cam Selders said that sometimes his older brother gets the upper hand, but, “I usually outwork him. At the end of the day, it’s all love and we are making each other better.”

Drew, a senior, and Cam, a junior, star on the Morgantown High boys’ basketball team. The “little brother” aspect only goes one way, though, as Cam stands about five inches taller than his older brother.

Cam became known this season for his high-flying, above-the-rim style of play as a forward, while Drew can play around the perimeter and get to the rim when he needs to as a guard.

Regardless of how they do it, the Selders brothers are two of the top offensive weapons for the 5-3 Mohigans, and it starts with their mentality off the court.

“Drew and Cam are the true definition of gym rats,” head coach Dave Tallman said. “They lived in the gym all summer. They both need to become more aggressive because we need them to score. Both young men are very important to our team’s success.”

The Mohigans have performed well as a team defensively, but struggled on the offensive end to begin this year. They average just 55.6 points per game. The Selderses know they have to continue to improve if the team wants to continue to get better.

“It’s all mental, in my opinion,” Cam said. “We just have to go out there and do our thing and not think about missing shots. If you miss one shot, keep shooting.”

Drew agrees.

“It’s mental, and I also need to be more aggressive and take it to the hoop more. If I shoot and miss, I need to keep shooting and not let it get in my head.”

Getting over mental hurdles certainly helps when there is someone at your side to constantly push you.

Although there is natural head-butting and the constant desire to one-up each other, that is put to the side when they take the court for MHS. Both broke into the starting lineup this season, and with nearly 15 years of experience playing with each other, Drew and Cam usually know exactly what the other is going to do.

“We have great chemistry and always know where one another is on the court,” Drew said. “I can count on him.”

Long before trying to help MHS reach the state tournament for the third-straight year, the Selderses had moments of glory together on the court. Cam recalled one of the best assists he ever had.

“In fifth grade, I threw [Drew] the ball and he hit a buzzer-beater to win the game,” he said of an AAU game in Grafton.

Six years later, the duo made crowds rise to their feet with ally-oop lobs from Drew and throw-downs by Cam.

But this could be the last season the Selderses lace up on the same team, and both will cherish it while it lasts.

“It’s going to be weird since we’ve been playing together since we were young,” Cam said. “It’s going to take some time to get used to.”

“This season is very special,” Drew said. “I have to go out every game and give it my all. It’s going to be upsetting since we have played together ever since we could touch a ball. I’m going to miss it.”

The Selderses and the No. 10 Mohigans will head across town to take on No. 1 University (8-0) at 7:30 p.m. today.