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Health director warns that COVID numbers could rise


COVID-19 cases could increase within two weeks due to the opening of more businesses and the holiday weekend.

 “It’s too early to tell what we will see until two weeks from now,” V.J. Davis, director of the Preston County Health Department, told the Preston County Commission Tuesday. “Don’t be alarmed if the numbers go up.”

Davis said two more COVID-19 cases were confirmed in the county over the weekend, bringing the number of confirmed cases in Preston County to 17.

“One person was getting tested for surgery and tested positive,” Davis said.

 He said West Virginia could have as many as 20,000 people walking around who do not know they have COVID-19.

“The disease is still here,” he said. “And it spreads easily from person to person.”

He said people should follow the COVID-19 guidelines and make good decisions.

“If you pull into the grocery store and there are more cars parked there than necessary, make a smart choice and come back later,” Davis said.

 He said the state is now also tracking probable cases.

Davis said a probable case is defined as when an individual is in close contact with someone who has tested positive but has not been tested or found to be positive themselves.

In other business, County Administrator Kathy Mace said election night will be live-streamed on Facebook.

“This is so we can have transparency,” she said. “No one will be allowed in the clerk’s office. That way everyone will have the same results at the same time. We will be taking no phone calls.”

She said results will be totaled and posted on the county commission website.

Commission President Samantha Stone said she believed the totals should also be printed and posted on the front door of the annex.

Commissioner Dave Price suggested letters be sent to both CSX and the West Virginia Division of Highways, requesting a progress report on the underpass in Tunnelton.

“I believe they’re still trying to figure out who does what,” Commissioner Don Smith said.

“It’s worse now,” Price said about the condition of the underpass. “So while they are trying to figure out what to do next we need to know what they are planning.”

Commissioners voted unanimously to send the letters.

Stone said the DOH is patching and filling in holes on Fox Road in Aurora.  Stone said the road will be scratched and overlaid once the current work is complete.