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Local artists seek donations to send art supplies to Venezuela

MORGANTOWN — Several local artists have joined in a project called Yo Te La Pinto, to support the arts in the city of Cumana in the State of Sucre in Venezuela.
Orlando Rodriguez, a local artist there, along with his fellow artists, are in need of help to encourage the arts in their region. Due to the political and economic crisis in their country, the arts have suffered and access to necessary materials and supplies to maintain artistic expression has made become limited.
Morgantown artists participating in Yo Te La Pinto will use financial contribution to purchase art supplies to send to Venezuela, along with any donated materials. Supplies needed include canvases, brushes, oil color, water mixable oil color, acrylic paint, acrylic ink, gouache, theatrical makeup , plain white pure cotton T-shirts of different sizes, liquid glue, liquid and bar silicone, Ace clipper staplers and staples, Stanley staplers and staples, cardboard/paper cutters, scissors and basically any other art supplies used in painting (brushes, sponges, etc.), as well as materials and tools used in theater productions.
Donations can be given directly to Isabel Hernandez, by calling 304-288-0723 or Graciela Barreto, in Bridgeport, at 508-797-2448, to arrange pick-up. Graciela will be making regular shipments with the donations to Venezuela.