Policies ensure strife, not long-lasting peace

Jamal Mustafa, Morgantown

I applaud the piece written by Nathan Feldman (DP-May 20) about the recent massacre of innocent Palestinians during the opening of U.S. Embassy in Jerusalem. This letter describes the injustices done to Palestinians by the Israeli government since its creation in 1948.

As indicated in his essay, 750,000 Palestinians were thrown out of their homes overnight. I would ask how anyone would react to this gross injustice. There is no peace without justice.

Two million Palestinians are forced to live in Gaza under inhumane conditions (largest prison on earth).

The argument that Palestine belongs to Israel from biblical times is wrong. This would mean that this country should be returned to Native Americans.

Israel has grabbed most of its land from Palestinians since its creation. To add injury to the insult, the latest move by the Trump administration to move the U.S. Embassy to Jerusalem from Tel Aviv adds fuel to the fire.

Israel has consistently ignored dozens of U.N. resolutions and international laws to return land to Palestinians. Remember how the U.S. went to war with Iraq over not complying with one U.N. resolution and are still fighting this war? The U.S. has given billions of tax dollars to Israel since its creation without any returns.

Israel is a rich country but we still give it over $3 billion yearly while ignoring our domestic needs (low teacher salaries, homelessness, health care and other social programs).

This kind of support from the U.S. will not lead to long-lasting peace but more bloodshed due to our one-sided policy. Our senators and congressional delegation need to force Israel to give Palestinian land back to achieve a long-lasting peace.

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