If we don’t exist, then just stop taxing us

J. & M. Spiker, Newburg

Thank God this school year is nearly over. I pray the Division of Highways gets its head out of its backsides and fixes the dangerous roads the school buses must travel on by next year here in the southern part of Preston specifically.

I refer to the May 13 edition of The Dominion Post’s Preston County section on Page 10-A. Surely I’m not the only one who noticed the irony of the article about “buses,” running above the article on “traffic delays” because of repaving W.Va. 7. Where else? Naturally around Kingwood, which is bad but at least it was still a road.

However, Old Evansville Pike is reduced to one lane due to the road’s collapse. A road collapse that happened in the spring. Why are roads like Evansville Pike ignored when W.Va. 7 around Kingwood gets repaved?

The pavement is needed more on Evansville Pike (for safety) than Kingwood’s W.Va. 7, which always was safe. After all, it was a whole road.

We voted for a change. So, hey, elected persons, do something for the southern part of Preston County besides take our tax dollars. Same goes for the Preston Board of Education. The county’s schools are not just in Kingwood, Terra Alta, Masontown and Reedsville. But since southern Preston County “doesn’t exist to you,” stop taxing us.

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