Democrats stood with teachers for pay raise

Susan Case, Morgantown

A self-serving, misleading letter to the editor by one of the Republican members of the Legislature from our area (Sunday May 13-DP) failed to recognize what really happened in the recent legislative session in Charleston:

Republicans in the Legislature fought against a badly needed pay raise for teachers and other public employees, instead pushing tax cuts for their wealthy friends and big business, and cuts to Medicaid and other programs on which disabled and elderly West Virginians rely.

It was only when teachers, public employees and others descended on the Capitol by the thousands, day after day, refusing to take no for an answer, that the Republican majority caved and the pay raise passed.

Many Democratic leaders and candidates stood arm in arm with our hardworking, underpaid teachers and public servants until they won the day. It was a demonstration of people power that has inspired the nation.

For Republicans to now attempt to claim credit for this victory is outrageous. Teachers and public employees know full well who stood with them.

In our area, Sen. Bob Beach; Delegates Barbara Fleischauer, Rodney Pyles and John Williams; and candidates Evan Hansen and Danielle Walker came out in support. Our GOP legislators were nowhere to be seen. We will remember in November.

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