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Granville doesn’t need more upscale houses

Aurora Lusebrink, Granville

On March 26, there was a Town Hall meeting in Granville concerning zoning. I was one of four people that attended. It was the second meeting (on that subject) that day so there may have been more there earlier.
Anyway, we all had our chance to speak up, which we all did, but I feel I didn’t say enough, or make my point, which is this: We don’t need another tax hike, which is what this is.
Town officials want to bring more “upscale multiple family structures” (row houses) to the area. We have plenty marring the hillsides everywhere you look already. Also more restaurants. Seriously? Don’t we have over a million already?
What we need is affordable housing and fix up existing ones, although one has been renovated down the street, which is great.
Also we need a grocery store most of all. This goes for Westover, too. Lucky for me I have reliable transportation, but too many people here do not, and I see people walking to and from Family Dollar with bags in their hands in all kinds of weather.
Seems to me they (the city and state) just want to stuff their already bulging pockets rather than help the taxpayers.
Thank you for letting me have my say.