MORGANTOWN — Several voting issues were discussed during a League of Woman’s Voters Morgantown/Monongalia County meeting Oct. 18.

As part of the gathering, Secretary of State Election Director Donald Kersey addressed the group.

“Our systems in West Virginia are very secure,” said Donald Kersey, deputy legal counsel with the Secretary of State’s office.

Kersey spoke to League of Women Voters Morgantown/Mon County members during its meeting on Oct. 18. He discussed several election topics, as words like “hacking” and “voter fraud” are prevalent in national discussions.

At the Secretary of State’s office, there is a National Guard member whose only job is to watch for potential cyber-security issues with the voter’s registration database and the election system, Kersey said.

As for the actual machines, they can only be hacked by a person if they physically connect to the device, Kersey said. None of them connect to the Internet.