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WVU hires wrestling coach

MORGANTOWN — Sammie Henson has been hired as WVU’s head wrestling coach, sources with knowledge of the situation told on May 18.

Henson, Missouri’s head assistant coach since 2012, will replace longtime WVU head coach Craig Turnbull, who was fired in March. Henson will be formally introduced as the Mountaineers head coach during a May 19 press conference at the Coliseum.

In addition to assisting with the Tigers, Henson is head coach for the Sunkist Kids Wrestling Club, which has more current world and Olympic wrestling than any other wrestling club in the United States, according to Henson’s biography page on Missouri’s website.

Henson also coached at Oklahoma (2009-’11; 1997-2000), Cal Poly (2007-’09), Nebraska (2006-’07), West Point (2002-’03), Penn State (2000-’02). He went 71-0 and won two NCAA championships (1993 and 1994) while wrestling at Clemson. Henson wrestled at Missouri, transferred to Clemson and then earned his degree at Missouri, in 1995.

Henson could not be reached in time for this report.

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