MORGANTOWN — WVU has taken steps to address roughly $20 million in budget cuts in the past couple of fiscal years.

For the current fiscal year, all vice presidents were asked to reduce their budgets by 10 percent. The plans were reviewed by a university committee to determine the most strategic action.

Throughout the process, there have been guidelines the university tried to follow. Those were to protect the core academic mission, invest in the 2020 Strategic Plan, work on facility and technology infrastructure and strive to give raises in Fiscal Year 2015, which starts July 1.

University Relations took the largest percentage cut with a reduction of 5.48 percent of its budget totaling $278,000, according to WVU Board of Governors' documents. The Health Sciences Center took the largest monetary cut at roughly $3 million, or 2.06 percent of its budget.

Several departments were also combined, restructured or eliminated.

As a result of the changes, more than 100 positions were eliminated. There were 68 vacant positions that were removed, 43 positions were eliminated after a person either retired or resigned and 13.5 positions were part of a reduction in workforce.

The impact on the WVU community includes reduced professional development for employees and loss of faculty that may result in fewer mentors and some courses being offered less frequently for students.