MORGANTOWN — The WVU Foundation should reach its capital campaign goal months ahead of schedule, if current trends continue.

President and CEO Wayne King said the campaign should hit the $700 million mark the end of the year. That would put them on pace to reach the $750 million goal well ahead of the December 2015 deadline.

King previously said if the goal is met early then the foundation’s board will have a few options, including ending the campaign, raising the goal or continuing to raise funds without increasing the goal.

As part of the campaign, the foundation has reached 75 gifts of $1 million or more, King said.

Recently, the foundation sent its annual report to members of the community. The report covers the previous fiscal year, which ended on June 30, 2013. About $50 million in funds were disbursed on behalf of WVU, according to the report. Of that money, 31 percent went to scholarships, 25 to salaries & benefits and 18 percent for meetings and events.