MORGANTOWN — Morgantown City Manager Paul Brake said the goals laid out in the city’s recently completed two-year strategic plan are “ambitious but doable.”

He offered a brief presentation of the document during council’s recent committee-of-the-whole meeting.

Titled “Strategic Plan 2017-2019,” the 24-page document spells out goals in nine areas, each of which has one or more objectives, for a total of 17. Each objective then includes a handful of “action steps.”

For example, the lone objective under “Annexation” is “Expand opportunities for efficient and quality service delivery.” The listed action steps include: Designing and implementing an annexation blueprint; gathering and presenting analysis and support to evaluate target areas and implementing a community engagement campaign regarding annexation.

The areas are:

— Attractive amenities

— Cooperative relationships

— Excellent city services

— Quality development

— Fiscal stability

— Transportation & infrastructure

— Vibrant downtown

— Annexation

— Attainable housing

Mayor Bill Kawecki said the strategic planning process isn’t new and usually includes an outside facilitator, as this one did during the late September planning sessions held at the West Virginia Botanic Garden.