REEDSVILLE – Hiring a police officer was discussed at the Sept. 11 Reedsville Council meeting, but no action was taken.

Council Member Renee Stone suggested the town go through an employment agency to find a suitable candidate for police officer for the town. “We need to have someone with high standards,” she said, “a mature person with military discipline.”

Council Member Scott Williams said he would like someone who lives in Reedsville to take the job. “Someone local would be invested in the town,” he said. “Someone from outside of Reedsville would not be invested in the town.”

Reedsville Mayor Jason Titus said the town has only received one application. He said among the first things that need to be discussed are pay and use of the car.

“We would need a work schedule,” Williams said. He said the schedule would have to include hours when children were being picked up and dropped off.