KINGWOOD — The last bell hasn’t sounded yet for Preston County Schools for the 2017-‘18 term, but work has already began on the calendar for the coming school year.

State laws don’t allow much flexibility, Preston School Superintendent Steve Wotring noted.

The major differences between possible calendars are the starting and ending days of the calendar. Recent changes by the state allow Preston students to make up five snow days through the Brain Freeze program, and another five can be allowed for by the 30 extra minutes of instructional time each day in schools.

The state requires 180 instructional days and allows school systems to open as early as July 1 and go as late as June 30.

The state requires schools to close for some holidays — Labor Day, Veteran’s Day, Thanksgiving, Election Day, Christmas, New Years, Martin Luther King Jr. Day and Memorial Day — and sets the months when faculty senates must meet.

The board will hold public hearings on the calendar at its March 12 and 26 meetings. Or email comments to