MORGANTOWN — After being down for the summer, WVU’s main transportation system should be ready when students return in a couple of weeks.

PRT Administrator Arlie Forman said crews worked on various aspects of the system over the summer months. They wrapped up work on the propulsion system, upgraded the electrical system by replacing transformers and made repairs to the PRT underpass near the Health Sciences Campus.

“We got all those completed,” Forman said.

The PRT system, which is 38 years old, should be ready when students return in mid-August, Forman said.

When students return there, should be about 50 cars that can be used, Forman said. The work is part of the PRT modernization plan. Phase I costs roughly $15 million and is nearing completion.

Phase II work has been approved and consists of replacement of train control system and other work totaling $52 million. That work is expected to end in August 2016 and Forman said he expects the system to be shut down again next summer.