MORGANTOWN — Do you support extending city council terms to four years?

That question appears likely to go before city voters as Morgantown City Council voted 4-3 on March 6 to advance a charter change that would keep the city’s standalone April election and council’s concurrent format — meaning all seven seats are up for a vote in each city election — but double the length of council terms from two to four years.

Councilors Rachel Fetty, Ryan Wallace, Jenny Selin and Bill Kawecki voted in support. Councilors Ron Dulaney, Mark Brazaitis and Barry Wendell voted in the minority.

As in recent council sessions, the issue touched off an extended discussion as the body weighed five options that included questions pertaining to term length, whether the city’s election should be moved to match the county election calendar and whether council terms should be staggered.

Council’s selection will now come back in the form of an ordinance for two readings and a public hearing before going before the city’s voters.

In other city news, council voted unanimously for first-reading passage of the $35.3 million municipal budget for the 2018-’19 fiscal year, beginning July 1.