MORGANTOWN — When pressed on whether trash and recycling hauler Republic Services would grant refunds for missed service, Republic General Manager Molly McWilliams said customer concerns will be considered on a case-by-case basis.

This after it was indicated during the most recent Morgantown City Council meeting that at least one refund has been issued over the recent rash of service delays.

In a Jan 12 email to The Dominion Post, McWilliams explained that the one-two punch of the holidays and inclement weather have put Republic behind the curve, but the Morgantown area should be totally caught up by Jan. 13.

Andrew Stacy, Morgantown’s director of communications, said the city has received a number of calls concerning missed service in recent weeks.

The Dominion Post received similar calls from Republic customers inside and outside Morgantown city limits — some of whom said they’ve gone a month or more without service.

Owl Creek Road resident Barbara Campbell said there is trash sitting out along her road that has been there since the first week of December.

“Every time I look out there I get so frustrated. Why on earth do we have to pay if they’re not going to pick it up,” Campbell asked, estimating there were as many as 70 customers waiting for service within a mile of her home as of Friday afternoon. “We have never even paid our bill late that I know of. This makes me so mad.”