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Residents concerned about additional coal trucks

Created on:   Wed, Mar 7, 2018   6:44 PM

Last modified:   Wed, Mar 7, 2018   6:44 PM

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MORGANTOWN — Longview Power Plant may be a clean and efficient coal facility, but the trucks delivering the coal are making a big mess of local roads.

This message was delivered during the March 7 Monongalia County Commission meeting by Fort Martin Road resident Margaret Batton.

Batton said people living near the plant (1375 Fort Martin Road) are concerned after learning dozens of additional trucks will be traveling the route each day due to changes in where and how the coal is being sourced.

County Commission President Tom Bloom said his inquiries indicate that number could be between 80 and 100 trucks.

Batton explained that the road is crumbling in countless areas and the constant stream of heavy equipment stirs up clouds of dirt. Add a little moisture, she said, and things go from bad to frightening.

“It’s dangerous. When a coal truck passes you and it’s raining like this morning, it blinds you because it throws mud. If you’re not prepared to have your wipers on, really quickly, you could easily wreck,” Batton said.

Bloom said he’s reached out to the DOH about the issue. It was explained that the commission would try to expedite a future meeting with DOH District 4 personnel in order to address the concerns.

Batton opened her remarks by explaining she was among a group of residents who fought the placement of the power plant on Fort Martin Road.