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Raptor Center hosts programs for kids

Created on:   Wed, Mar 7, 2018   8:17 AM

Last modified:   Wed, Mar 7, 2018   8:40 AM

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MORGANTOWN — With the teacher’s strike entering its ninth day on Tuesday, kids all over the state were left at home, many with nothing to occupy their time. However, the West Virginia Raptor Rehabilitation Center (WVRRC) alleviated this stress on parents by holding an educational day at their facility off Bunner Ridge Road.

WVRRC is a non-profit organization centered on caring for sick, injured and orphaned birds. It started in a basement and has grown since its start in 1983.

A raptor is defined as a bird of prey. WVRRC houses several birds in their facility, which includes flight cages and an intensive care unit to care for their rescued birds.

Kids got the opportunity to tour the facility on Tuesday, and though the weather was a little wet, Susanne Coulson, Director of Education at WVRRC, said the turnout was better than expected.