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Teams compete for $57K in Morgantown bowling league

Created on:   Thu, Feb 8, 2018   11:54 PM

Last modified:   Thu, Feb 8, 2018   11:54 PM

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MORGANTOWN — No. 2 seed Brunswick started slowly in its first game Feb. 8, but strong wins in the final two earned a 2,618-2,523 victory over No. 3 Motiv in a duel to determine second place in the Morgantown Scratch Classic League 3rd Segment standings, at Suburban Lanes.

The teams are playing for a $57,000 season pot, with $12,000 payouts at the end of each of four segments divvied up to teams in order of ranking, and a $9,000 payout after the league finale to finalist teams by finishing order.

The match was headlined by a series between Motiv Class A bowler Charles Wolfe and Brunswick Class A bowler Justin Malik, who entered the week fifth and seventh in season average rankings, respectively.

“I bowled very well, I can’t complain,” Malik said. “I always struggle somewhere throughout the three games, but tonight I had eight or nine ten pins, made the spare on each one and caught some breaks here and there.”

Malik bowled a 743 series to Wolfe’s 715 in a back and forth battle that came down to the final frames of the third game.

“I’m going into the third game only up seven pins, and then we were neck and neck the first six frames of the third,” Malik said. “In the seventh, he won an eight count spare and I won a nine count spare, so I’m still up one pin in total. But then I doubled it into the 10th and he didn’t. It was a great series all night.”

It was a tough loss for Motiv, which will drop from its position in the top three with the defeat.

“We were just trying to win as many points as possible,” Wolfe said. “We made shots but didn’t make spares, and that’s just part of the game. We didn’t carry as well as we could.”

In another top-eight match-up, No. 5 Storm swept No. 6 Turbo Grips behind a 718 series from Class A bowler Chris Elizondo. The victory, combined with losses from Motiv and No. 4 Mountaineer Vision Center, will propel Storm into the top three of the standings.

“We had the second highest total in the league so far this season,” Elizondo said of his team’s 2,727 series. “As a team we bowled pretty well.”

No. 1 Kegel maintained its top ranking in the standings with an emphatic victory over No. 8 3G Shoes, outscoring its opponent, 2,661-2,387. Kegel Class A bowler Chris Freeland provided the individual high game of the night, turning in a 279 in the midst of a 793 series.

“I had the front seven, and then I left a ten-pin, then struck out after that,” Freeland said of his performance. “The lanes were well blended in that first game, and it led itself to a lot of strikes.”

It was another big win for Kegel, which looks to finish the season’s 3rd segment strongly. A segment win would secure a spot in the League Finals at the end of the season.

Freeland credits Kegel’s success so far to their member’s meshing well with the lane oil pattern for the segment.

“We match up pretty well on this pattern, it’s the 43 foot house patter,” Freeland said. “We’ve got two guys on our team, myself and Brandon Hose, with pretty good rev rates, so we can get in and take advantage of the oil on the inside. And then Dave Taylor throws the ball relatively straight, and he compliments our team well.”