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Trinity’s Sharp always had her eye on 1,000 points

Created on:   Thu, Jan 18, 2018   12:00 AM

Last modified:   Thu, Jan 18, 2018   12:00 AM

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MORGANTOWN — Trinity junior Reagan Sharp was a fourth-grader when she watched Hayden Giuliani score her 1,000th point for the Warriors.

“At our school, they display the names along the wall in the gym,” Sharp said. “And I remember wanting to score my 1,000th just like Hayden.”

That was seven years ago, and since then Sharp dedicated a good amount of her life to the sport of basketball. Throughout it all, she kept pursuing the 1,000-point milestone. Finally, the opportunity presented itself during an 83-63 loss to Williamstown, on Jan. 12.

“With about two minutes left in the game, our coach called a timeout, and he knew I was only three points away from 1,000,” Sharp said. “He drew up a play against their defense that would get me an open shot.”

Unfortunately for Sharp, Williamstown adjusted its defense as the teams came out of their huddles, leaving the Warriors’ offense unprepared. Trinity called a different play, and freshman Jaclyn Smith dished the ball to Sharp, who finessed her way to an open shot despite the change in plans.

Sharp stepped back and launched a shot from behind the arc. She watched with starry eyes as she drained the bucket, adding her name to the wall at Trinity, alongside Giuliani’s.

“It’s an honor to score 1,000 points and to do it at Trinity,” Sharp said. “Coming from a small school, hopefully people see that you can have these opportunities at our school and that can get our name out there.”

Sharp’s head coach, Mike Baldy, shared in her excitement.

“Reagan is a great player. She’s great with the ball in her hand,” Baldy said. “I’m really excited that she earned 1,000 points.”

It’s only fitting that Sharp hit the mark as a member of the Warriors. Her journey started in Sabraton, where she played as a kindergartner in the Brookhaven league. She continued to grow as a player through her formative years and came to realize early on that basketball was her passion.

“I had always played, and I just started really liking it around third grade,” Sharp said. “I figured out then that I wanted to play for a really long time.”

She quickly moved to higher levels of competition and credits the transition to her further development as an athlete.

“In the off-season, I’ve played travel ball, beginning in fourth grade,” she said. “That helped a lot playing with girls who are at a higher level.”

Sharp began to dedicate her life to the sport, sacrificing many hours of her life in hopes that she would one day emerge as the player she dreamt of becoming.

“It takes a lot of work, a lot of staying after practice, listening to the coach and doing what he wants you to do, going to different camps, and in the off-season working a lot,” she said.

As Sharp hit high school, it became clear that she was, in fact, a unique talent, capable of accomplishing grandiose achievements on the hardwood.

“Reagan makes an immeasurable impact on this team,” Baldy said. “She rebounds, scores, facilitates and most importantly, she is the controller of the ball. Anytime there is pressure defense or a near turnover, we like to put the ball in her hands.”

Baldy also touts Sharp’s ability to score from anywhere on the floor.

“Her quick rise to 1,000 has a lot to do with her ability to get to the hoop and finish around the rim,” he said. “She has also improved her shot, which adds another dimension to her game.”

Sharp attributes her success to her parents, coaches and teammates.

“My parents have been there supporting me since the beginning, and they’ve pushed me to do my best and stick with it,” she said.

Sharp said she hopes her team can carry the momentum of senior Emily Saurborn and her 1,000 point accomplishments to a state tournament appearance. Baldy, though, has much more in mind for Sharp.

“When she scored her 1,000th, all I said was, ‘I’m proud of you, now 1,000 more to go,’ ” Baldy said. “My goal for her has always been to be the first 2,000- point player at Trinity.”