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Never mind OT loss: Fans still there for WVU women

Created on:   Sat, Jan 13, 2018   10:18 PM

Last modified:   Sun, Jan 14, 2018   1:55 PM

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MORGANTOWN — Kiera Ice doesn’t waste words.

Nope, not one bit.

Her one-word answer when asked how her favorite basketball team would do this season?


She was referring to WVU’s women’s team — and never mind that 76-74 loss to TCU in overtime in Morgantown on Jan. 13.

Kiera and her mom, Laura Ice, never miss a game.

George Drennen, who is near-legendary in his WVU fandom, doesn’t miss many.

“Now, we just have get people in these seats,” he said, gesturing around the Coliseum as the two teams did their warm-ups.