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Annual Christmas parade takes to High Street

Created on:   Mon, Dec 4, 2017   10:32 PM

Last modified:   Tue, Dec 5, 2017   7:12 AM

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MORGANTOWN — The most wonderful time of year was celebrated by hundreds of children of all ages who came together to pack the sidewalks and curbsides for the annual Morgantown Christmas parade down High Street on Dec. 4.

Many musically, athletically and socially talented youth led the effort to provide comfort and joy to hundreds of grateful residents. Candy was tossed to appreciative children, and one thoughtful child took some of that candy and returned the favor to a passing participant.

“It’s usually my children in the parade with different sports and activities,” said Kerry Winge, of Morgantown, who has attended multiple times. “My daughter, Kathryn, was really excited about the parade today because she gets to hold the banner for Mountaineer Middle School. It’s very exciting because it’s the Christmas kickoff for the kids and Mountaineer Middle School.”