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WVU says it’s still investigating payroll problems

Created on:   Mon, Nov 27, 2017   5:49 PM

Last modified:   Mon, Nov 27, 2017   5:48 PM

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MORGANTOWN — WVU and the state are still investigating what went wrong with WVU payroll on Nov. 24.

Meanwhile, WVU reported Nov. 27 that employees who did not receive their pay on Friday began seeing bank deposits on Saturday and throughout the weekend into Monday, depending on their bank.

As previously reported, 11,507 of 15,021 accounts did not receive their payroll deposits Friday morning.

WVU said Monday that officials in various WVU departments, including Payroll and Employee Processing Services, and Information Technology Services, were reviewing the circumstances that led to the delay and how to ensure it is not repeated.

Gina Joynes, spokeswoman for the state Treasury Department, which processes payroll, explained Monday how the process works and where it appeared to break down — which was at WVU’s end and not Treasury’s.