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MHS adds name to Vietnam Memorial

Created on:   Mon, Nov 13, 2017   10:23 PM

Last modified:   Tue, Nov 14, 2017   7:06 AM

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MORGANTOWN — “Who cares about a Marine?”

A question written in 1968 by an angry 19-year old, laying in rain and mud in southeast Asia, contemplating countrymen who were unwilling to fight but eager to spit and curse at him and his brothers in arms.

“Why should I die for you?”

One question. One line from a poem. One son. One brother.

Robert Sullivan Hoskins didn’t drink or smoke. He didn’t even curse. Instead, the Marine Private 1st Class coped with his hellish surroundings by writing a poem.

Weeks later, he was killed by mortar fire — one of 58,220 young Americans lost in Vietnam.

As a part of the Nov. 13 Veterans Day ceremony, the Morgantown High School Key Club recognized Hoskins, making his the 18th name on the school’s Vietnam Memorial.

Tom Ables, himself a veteran, recognized the oversight. Ables explained that Hoskins left MHS as a junior before completing a GED and joining the Marines.

Hoskins’ family was one of several recognized during the ceremony, which also featured keynote addresses from USAF Lieutenant Colonel, Retired Bruce “Lips” Teagarden and USAF Colonel, Retired Sean Frisbee, as well as performances by the Morgantown High School Music Department.