MORGANTOWN — Morgantown Utility Board officials said MUB acted reasonably in work along Forest Avenue and did not cause the road to collapse, in an answer to a civil suit.

The board recently answered a suit initially filed by the James Giuliani family, which owns several properties along Forest Avenue. The City of Morgantown was also named as a defendant in the case.

Forest is closed while crews work to make repairs to the road.

According to the lawsuit, there were collapses along the roadway, and as a result, several of the Giulianis' properties were damaged.

The last renters moved out in May, and the problems prevent the Giulianis from renting the Forest Avenue properties during the current academic year.

As a result, the couple lost $18,240 in monthly rental income from the more than 30 bedrooms for rent in that area. They also lost $700 a month from parking spaces in area lots.

Morgantown officials refused to compensate the Giulianis for the damage, despite repeated demands.

In its answer, MUB argues that any of it activities maintaining water and sewer lines were reasonable and it did not cause the collapses along Forest.

The utility also argues that any damages to the properties were caused by actions of the Giulianis or others and that the family failed to take steps to mitigate the damages.