Every time actors I root for finally snag an Academy Award, the superstitious part of me can’t help but be a little worried for their careers.

Will they go the way of Halle Berry, Adrien Brody and Mercedes Ruehl, doomed to waste their talents on mediocre movies or, worse yet, terrible TV shows?

I hope, for the sake of most of this year’s winners, that the Oscar curse isn’t really a thing. Although I’m fine if Casey Affleck, who took home a statue for best actor, fades into oblivion.

I praised his work in “Manchester By the Sea” in this space before becoming aware of the sexual assault claims against him. And since the case was settled and the terms of that settlement mean that no parties involved can talk about the accusations, the actor did not address them after winning, other than to say in an interview with The Boston Globe that “everyone deserves to be treated with respect in the workplace and everywhere else.”

But here’s the thing, if what the women who worked with him on “I’m Still Here” said is true, Affleck’s actions are grossly indefensible and, disturbingly, one more instance in which a person in a position of power is able to sweep abhorrent behavior under the rug and move forward, not only unscathed, but lauded.

And after reading several articles on the subject, I choose to believe the victims’ claims. So, I’m not interested in what Affleck does going forward.

However, I am a big fan of the other actors who took home top honors and am excited to see what they’ll do next. So, I did a little digging to find out.

Viola Davis, who took home a best supporting actress trophy for her work in “Fences,” will team up with fellow Oscar winner Steve McQueen (director of 2014’s best picture “12 Years a Slave”) on “Widows.” The crime drama is based on a British miniseries, according to Variety, and focuses on a heist gone wrong. After the four robbers are killed, their widows are left to take over. Gillian Flynn, “Gone Girl” screenwriter and novelist, collaborated with McQueen on the script. The film is set to debut in 2018.

Variety also reports that Davis will portray Harriet Tubman in an HBO movie about the abolitionist who led hundreds of slaves to freedom via the Underground Railroad.

Emma Stone, who won best actress for her role in “La La Land,” has been keeping a busy schedule, with three films and a Netflix series on the way.

She will reunite with “Superbad” co-star Jonah Hill for “Maniac.” The 10-episode series focuses on a man in a mental institution who has created in a fantasy life in his head. Stone will play one of his fellow inmates.

On the big screen, she’s set to star in a comic biography, titled “Battle of the Sexes,” about tennis star Billie Jean King, in a period drama set during the reign of Queen Anne, called “The Favourite” and, in what is her most anticipated role, she’ll take on Cruella de Vil in a live-action version of the Disney classic, “101 Dalmations.”

Mahershala Ali, who snagged a best supporting actor award for his part in “Moonlight,” will also play a villain, in the sci-fi flick “Alita: Battle Angel.” He is set to portray Vector in the film based on manga books in a series by Yukito Kishiro. James Cameron is writing the screenplay about a female cyborg who avoids destruction when she’s rescued by a scientist. A release date is set for July 20, 2018.

Lindsey Fleming is a writer/copy editor for The Dominion Post. Email her at lfleming@dominionpost.com.