KINGWOOD — Preston County’s Board of Education meeting started with a moment of silence and remembrance Sept. 11 in honor of those who lost their lives 16 years ago.

After the moment of silence, teacher Ann Robb approached the board to speak on the importance of replacing Preston High School’s (PHS) librarian.

A lack of a librarian prevents students from being able to use school resources before and after class, as well as during suitable class periods, she said. This lack of computer and printer use unfairly discriminates against students who lack those devices at home, Robb said. She also said that without access to the internet, students cannot use the online textbooks that help compensate for the shortage of physical ones.

In addition, Robb stated that librarians serve as guides for students to
help them navigate electronic databases.

“I do see this as a problem,” board member Chrissy Estep said.

Superintendent Stephen Wotring said there isn’t currently a plan to fill the librarian due to already being over the state allotted number of professional and service personnel for the county.