KINGWOOD — Kingwood Council talked about dilapidated and unsafe structures again at its meeting Feb. 27, but this time they noted some progress.

A building permit was approved for the demolition of the Davis house on East Main Street. Last year council sent the owner notices to clean up the property. Mayor Jean Guillot counted it a victory.

“I don’t think if we hadn’t pushed the issue on the Davis house they’d have been tearing it down,” he said.

Results were also seen on another property, a mobile home in the Rodeheaver Trailer Park that had stacks of garbage bags and other materials outside. Guillot said tenants left the debris, and the owner was notified by the city last week to clean it up.

Council also voted to hire Cira & Associates to do an environmental inspection and testing for up to $1,000 total on the Hall building on Price Street.

The city has sought for a year to have the building fixed or torn down. The owner offered it to the city, but council wants an inspection before deciding on the offer.