MORGANTOWN — The Monongalia County Commission said Granville’s application to annex just under 118 acres by minor boundary adjustment didn’t adequately address four of the seven requirements put forth in state code.

The commission voted unanimously to deny Granville’s annexation attempt during its Aug. 30 meeting. It laid out its reasoning on Sept. 13.

The town wanted to annex property south of Chaplin Road below the University Town Centre entrance, as well as land north of W.Va. 7/19 and Chaplin Hill Road and a narrow strip that follows Route 7 out to the Firehouse Event Center, located at 507 Scotts Run Road.

Commission President Ed Hawkins read the decision, which touches on each of the seven factors that, at a minimum, must be considered when ruling on minor boundary adjustments.

The commission said Granville’s application failed to satisfy the following questions.

Whether the territory proposed for annexation is contiguous to the corporate limits of the municipality.

Whether the proposed annexation is limited solely to a division of highways (DOH) right-of-way or whether the DOH holds title to the property in fee.

Whether affected parties of the territory to be annexed oppose or support the proposed annexation.

Whether the proposed annexation is in the best interest of the county as a whole.