AURORA — A drug rehabilitation center may be coming to Aurora, and not everyone is for the idea.

Jo-Ann Helton told Preston County Board of Education members Monday, Oct. 26, that Jacob's Ladder Rehabilitation Center would be located in the southern Preston County town after the first of the year. She said Dr. Kevin Blankenship, of Morgantown, is opening the center.

“He is going to bring in 18- to 24-year-old men for drug rehabilitation. They'll be staying here for a year,” she said.

She expressed concern that there are no jobs or entertainment in the community. “About the only thing we have to offer is two restaurants, the school and a service station,” she said. “The only other option is farming, and there is not a lot of farming work available in winter.”

When contacted by Tuesday, Oct. 27, Blankenship said he has had several meetings with community leaders in Aurora and hopes to have the center open by next year.

“It's going to be a farm- based program. We will be providing help to a local working farm in exchange for space to grow some of our own food,” he said.

Helton said she also has concerns about the center’s proximity to the school.

Blankenship said, in addition to working on the farm, participants in the program will be involved in outdoor recreation such as hiking, camping, skiing and snowboarding.

“We'll also be doing community service like shoveling snow. Doing community services will give the participants a sense of purpose to help them to reach their goals,” he said.

Aurora is unincorporated and there is no county zoning that would dictate where a rehab center could be located.