KINGWOOD — Kingwood Council is considering moving city elections to coincide with the state’s and lengthening its terms to four years.

Council is asking anyone with an opinion on the matter to voice it at the 7 p.m. Feb. 27 council meeting, to be held at city hall.

Currently council members, the mayor and recorder serve two years.

Mayor Jean Guillot said if the town holds its elections the same year as the state, it can save money.

It costs about $6,500 for the city to pay poll workers, print and publish the ballot. If the elections are held in conjunction with the county, it will cost about $1,500, because the town will reimburse the county half the cost of pollworkers in the city and pay its portion of publication fees.

Preston County uses electronic voting machines, so Kingwood’s ballot would appear on the electronic ballot in precincts within the city limits.

The mayor said the question of four-year versus two-year terms came up for a couple reasons.

“It takes you a while to figure out what’s going on,” Guillot said. “By the time you get comfortable, and you know what’s going on, you’re a year into your term.”

In addition, state law does not permit councils to obligate future councils on money matters, such as buying a garbage truck. “So if you have four years, you could do something and you have four years to spread your payments out, rather than two years,” he said.