MORGANTOWN — Speaking as the city’s top election official, Morgantown City Clerk Linda Tucker recently repeated her belief that municipal elections should be held simultaneously with county, state and national elections.

Tucker’s comments were offered during council’s most recent regular meeting as part of a post-mortem of the April 25 city council election.

She points to April’s turnout — 2,724 ballots cast, representing 15 percent of the city’s registered voters — to make her case, explaining that despite having 14 candidates, competitive races in every ward, weeks worth of media coverage and unprecedented advertising efforts from the clerk’s office and the individual candidates, 85 percent of eligible voters simply passed.

Meanwhile, the 2016 primary election saw 38.3 percent of the county’s 64,445 registered voters get to the polls. That number jumped to 55.2 percent for November’s general election.

As it stands, the 2017 city election was held for $25,417 — about $9.33 for every ballot cast.

Moving the city election would require a change to the city charter.