MORGANTOWN — A water-line expansion project in the Rockley Road area of Cheat Lake is ready to move forward.

During the Morgantown Utility Board’s (MUB) most recent meeting, MUB General Manager Tim Ball said the minimum number of customer commitments, 20, have been secured and MUB is ready to advertise for bids.

Ball previously said the project would cost about $1.29 million, which will come mostly from a 40-year loan from the West Virginia Infrastructure, Jobs and Development Council (IJDC).

After a bid is selected and the actual project cost solidified, Morgantown City Council will be asked to approve an ordinance enacting the debt service surcharge the Rockley Road customers will pay.

“Recall that we’re essentially taking out a loan on behalf of those Rockley Road customers, and the debt services surcharge will provide a vehicle so that those customers literally pay the debt service on the loan,” Ball said. “We are the conduit for that to be accomplished.”

Ball said there are about 30 households on Rockley Road. He estimated that about half of the homes are occupied seasonally.