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Engineering evolution
Triad opens new offices, plans expansion


Less than a year after Triad Engineering Inc. moved to its new, eco-friendly office space on Chaplin Road, Northwestern Regional Manager Richard Rogers can already envision expansion.
“We designed our office to be able to facilitate growth,” he said. “We have a pretty aggressive growth plan. Over the next five to 10 years, we expect to grow. We want to grow at a reasonable rate, but every year we want to continue to grow.”
And if the company’s history is any indication, that goal will likely become reality.
What began as a Morgantown-based, three-man geotechnical engineering consulting firm in 1975 has grown to a regional, employee-owned operation. With more than 180 employees spread across seven offices in a handful of states, Triad now also handles construction monitoring and testing, drilling, land surveying, and civil engineering and environmental consulting.
“Our projects really run the gamut,” Rogers said. “We do a wide variety of projects for our education clients, energy, land development, government — so it’s definitely a diversified project portfolio for us and a really wide client base as well.”
And Triad is in the midst of honoring the clients and employees who have supported its steady progress, with a year full of 40th anniversary celebrations.
“We have open-house activities,” corporate marketing and public relations employee Lauren Nelson said. “We’re kicking off new social media campaigns. [We’ll have] things about our history and activities that our employees and our friends and our clients can participate in. We’re just looking back at where we’ve been and also looking toward the future.” 
And established clients such as CONSOL Energy and WVU are intertwined in Triad’s past and present.
“We’ve worked on most WVU projects over the last 40 years, the most familiar being the football stadium, the Coliseum,” Nelson said.
Other notable projects include the new Monongalia County Ballpark and “all of the development associated with the University Town Centre and the new I-79 developments.”
“Around here in Morgantown, some of our first clients are clients that we still continue to have relationships and work for today,” Rogers said. “[WVU and CONSOL] are two of our big clients today and were there when we first started too. So, we’re really proud about being able to continue those relationships.”
In fact, maintaining ties is essential to Triad’s success — not just with customers, but within the company. It’s why the firm is celebrating another milestone this year — the 20th anniversary of becoming employee-owned.
“We had a lot of long-term employees and we still do,” Nelson said. “And everybody was really invested in the company and the success in our communities, and so the decision was made to move to an ESOP (employee stock ownership plan) structure. Every employee is vested in the company.”
And, likewise, Rogers said that the company is committed to senior staff.
“Triad has always prided itself on retaining employees,” he said.
So while the company continues to add new locations — such as its three most recent offices in Athens, Ohio, Bridgeville, Pa., and Ashburn, Va. — there’s always a balance that needs to be struck.
“Along with that growth and bringing in new employees and new clients, we want to make sure we take care of our seasoned employees and clients who have been around,” Rogers said. “It’s something that we take very seriously.”
After all, for all its expansion, Triad still has deep roots in Morgantown that it plans to maintain.
“There’s a lot of competition that comes in from out of state and out of the city,” Rogers said. “And they come here because our economy is good ... and we’ve continued to develop land and to grow. And it’s nice because we’re one of only a few engineering firms that are from here and continue to be Morgantown companies. … We enjoy the community and the development and the continued growth.”