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Therapy Services puts help under new roof


Therapy Services LLC has been helping patients  in the Morgantown, Bridgeport, Weston and their surrounding areas for nearly two decades. So the  occupational, speech and physical therapy expertise they provide is far from new. 
But with a new Morgantown location at 6000 Hampton Center — one that combines the pediatric and adult clinics formerly located separately — the clinic is even better equipped to service those who need it, owner Pat Ford said.
“We really try to service the community and what the needs are in the community,” she said, seated in her new office. “We’ve got quite a few children who need different therapies and we’re able to provide those and this new location really allows us to provide ease of access and to be able to complete the treatment. ... We’ve brought together the adult and pediatric clinics under the umbrella of Therapy Services. ... For patient care, to have one location is very, very helpful, because [patients] are able to access their physical therapy and their speech therapy without the therapist traveling back and forth.”
The move also means new equipment, Ford said, as well as brand new therapy rooms, gymnasiums and office space that allow staff to do their jobs better than ever.
For example, each therapy room has an adjoining observation room, which allows a parent or loved one to watch a therapy session in progress, without distracting the patient, Ford said, which can be invaluable in creating the most conducive environment for improvement.
At the practice, licensed therapists offer services for all types of needs, Ford said, from behavioral and sensory therapies for autistic patients, to recovery from knee and hip replacements, to swallowing therapy for those having difficulty eating,  to helping to heal injuries in workers’ compensation cases.
Areas upstairs provide occupational and physical therapy with extra space and equipment, such as exercise bikes, climbing walls and balls that allow patients to build strength and mobility.
The balls are of various sizes and weights,  occupational therapist Kara Blosser explained, allowing the workout to be tailored to each patient, as well as offering a range of difficulty to keep the therapy challenging.
During a recent visit, patient David Yeager put his care in the hands of massage therapist Ginny Keener and said he felt much better,  while young patient Colton Reed showed off his progress to dad Roger on the climbing wall.
Andrea Lantz, physical therapy assistant, and Lauren Carnes, physical therapist, demonstrated some of the new workout machines in the gym, which is open to patients and to employees during their breaks, Ford said, making health and wellness possible for everyone.
Therapy Services LLC  has offices at 6000 Hampton Center Suite B in Morgantown (304-599-2600), 37 Grand Meadows Suite 102 in Bridgeport (304-592-2009 and 150 John St. Suite C in Weston (304-517-1560). Visit them online at