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Games are just around the corner

Shop offers custom items, WVU gifts and accessories


Jim Mayle doesn’t mind playing games on the job. At least at his store, Tailgate Corner, in Star City.


In fact, the store is best known for its custom cornhole and tabletop games. Cornhole is a beanbag-throwing game often played at tailgates.


While the shop offers a variety of WVU gifts and accessories — as well as other sports teams’ wares, including the Pittsburgh Pirates, Steelers and Penguins — Mayle said it all started out with the homemade, wooden tabletop and cornhole games.


His friend and co-owner of the store, Howard Nolen, a retired schoolteacher, started building the tabletop games in his woodshop a few years back. The tabletop ones were miniature cornhole and quarter-sliding games. Nolen also dabbled with making full-size cornhole games.


Mayle met Nolen about five years ago, and the two eventually decided to go into business together, with Nolen running a store in Tarentum, Pa., and  Mayle opening Tailgate Corner, in Star City. The Star City store has been open for about a year.


“It took off really quick. As soon as people saw the quality of the games and the different varieties and the way they could create their own games, it just kind of took off from there,” Mayle said.


His cornhole and tabletop games are unique because they can be customized with graphics, he said.


Mayle has slowly added to the collection at Tailgate Corner, too. In addition to the cornhole and table games, he sells items from keychains and hats to shirts and pictures by local artists. Most of it is perfect for the WVU fan, he said.


“Since I’ve known what football was, I’ve been a Mountaineer fan,” Mayle said, looking at all the gold and blue items around the store. He hasn’t missed a home football game since Milan Puskar Stadium opened, in 1980.


It’s the cornhole games that intrigued Dave Prunty, who’s bought several for himself, his friends and to give away in drawings at his bar, Prunty’s Pub, in Monongah. He said the games have a tendency to draw attention, with people always asking where he got them.


“Well, they’re quality built for one,” Prunty said. “They’re really nice, quality built, sturdy, and I like how you can get all the different designs on them. About anything you want, he can get it for you.”


The cornhole games run anywhere from $50 to $250, depending on the size and the graphics. The average price for a small board is $135, and it’s $175 for a large.


Mayle said the high-end games are made with Baltic birch plywood, with the more affordable options made out of basic 3/4-inch plywood.


“It’s real good, hand-crafted wood,” he said. “They’re built by cabinet makers, so the quality of them is unbeatable. They’re nicer than the cabinets in my house.”


Cornhole games can also be rented from Tailgate Corner. Full-size boards cost $25 for one night and $40 for the weekend.

As for the tabletop games, Mayle has a variety on display, including a mini-bean bag launcher with a small basketball hoop, as well as a mini-Morgantown High School football field where players take turns sliding quarters around the table, trying to score against the other team.


“That’s something unique,” Mayle said of the tabletop games in particular. “Nobody has them. We make them ourselves.”


Location:  3506 University Ave., Star City

Phone:  304-276-5633

Hours:  Noon-6 p.m. Friday, 10 a.m.-6 p.m. Saturday, noon-4 p.m. Sunday and through the week by appointment