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Air quality division opens

Summer breeze adds new service

BRUCETON MILLS — Richard Henson proffers his iPad, the screen filled with a photo of a commercial ice machine covered in mold.

This is just the type of thing that Summer Breeze Comfort Systems’ new indoor air quality division aims to fix with its air purification systems, said Richard, who owns the Bruceton Mills-based heating,  cooling and generator business with his son, Daniel.

The company has been open for four years, and while much of its business comes from Morgantown, it serves areas in West Virginia, Pennsylvania and Maryland.

The division got up and running about eight months ago.  In that time, Richard said they’ve installed between 120-150 purification systems — mostly for residential properties. Though, he added, they would also like to expand further into the commercial sector — restaurants, day cares and office buildings, for instance.

“There are billions of dollars lost in revenue and lack of productivity,” Richard said, referring to findings by the Centers for Disease Control that say the seasonal flu costs the nation almost $10.5 billion in direct costs (doctor’s visits) and $7 billion in indirect costs (decreased productivity).  “We’re looking to make (business owners) more aware of what they can do to protect their employees and start saving money on medical care and hospitalization.”

Summer Breeze carries  Fresh-Aire UV systems. Made in the United States, the technology uses an activated carbon matrix and UV light to eliminate mold, bacteria, viruses, allergens, odors and volatile organic compounds.

Fresh-Aire products are available for standard and mini-split systems, and ice makers. The standard APCO system is installed in the ductwork of homes or businesses.
In addition to the potential to cut down on health-care costs, Daniel added the systems save users money for another reason.

“It also helps you keep your maintenance cost down as far as build-up on your evaporator coils,” he said of the APCO system. “Basically the elements that plug up your units are the same elements that make you sick.”

Cost to install a Fresh-Aire APCO unit in a home is $895. This includes a $50 donation to a charity. Richard said the company has some — such as Salvation Army and Wounded Warriors — registered; or customers may choose their own.

Fresh-Aire offers a lifetime warranty on its systems. And, Daniel points out that the technology is self-cleaning. This means units are essentially maintenance free. Though, he noted that the UV lamp must be replaced every two years.

Unlike some air filtration systems, these do not release ozone into the environment.
“It’s a great product,” Richard said. “We’re putting them in more and more, in just about every install or change-out we do.” 

Summer Breeze Comfort Systems is at 11873 N. Preston Highway, Bruceton Mills. Hours are 8 a.m.-6 p.m. Monday-Sunday. Info: 304-379-2247 or