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Students learn while they paint
Jobs come with one-year warranty



 Student Painters are working in the Morgantown and Fairmont areas this summer.
 These student entrepreneurs are building their businesses by offering reasonable prices on painting the exterior of homes. Estimates are free.
 Instead of going home for the summer, they stayed in Morgantown and are working their way through school.
 Matt Bates, district manager for the Cheat Lake/North Morgantown areas, lives in Philadelphia, but decided to stay in Morgantown and get a paint crew together.
 “All of us are hard-working and want to make a difference,” he said. “We recruited other people we knew in our classes who work hard and are reliable.”
 There are four crews that have four to five painters each, and they are meticulous about their painting.
 “We use rollers and brushes for the majority of our work,” Bates said. “These methods cover the house better, creating a better finished look.”
 The crews will use a paint sprayer on a home if requested but, in general, use a sprayer on a commercial building.
 The group began this winter by going door to door throughout the area asking people if they wanted their home painted during the summer.
 “We concentrated on homes with chipping or fading paint,” Bates said. “But sometimes people just want to change the color of their home.”
 Clients choose the house and trim color and the rest is up to the painters.
 “We purchase the paint, bring everything we need. The only thing owners provide is water from an outdoor faucet,” Bates said.
 They also make sure the owner is completely satisfied with the work and supply a one-year guarantee and warranty.
 Each district manager carries insurance and workers’ compensation on their crews, and they also have a $1 million insurance policy on the homes in case there is damage.
 Erica Luczakowsky, who works in the Morgantown area with her crew, said the business’ main focus is on the exterior of house.
 “However, we would do an interior, but it needs to be more than just one or two rooms,” she said.
 In addition to building a business during the summer, the crew chiefs learn the ropes — so to speak — of management.
 Hiring, training and paying bills make this an allaround experience for everyone involved.
 The students take pride in their work — Mountaineer Pride — and aren’t afraid to show it.