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Smiths honor lives, legacies

Area funeral home treats clients like family

“Lives and legacies honored” is more than just a motto for Jason and Cathy Smith’s business. It’s a code the couple lives by.

The owners of Smith Funeral and Cremation Care said it’s an honor to serve Morgantown families in their own personalized way. And, Jason Smith said, when people hold a funeral at Smith Funeral and Cremation Care, it’s like being at someone’s house. That’s because it is. The family lives on-site at the Holland Avenue business.

“One of the other things that sets us apart is that when we say ‘Welcome to our home,’ we mean it. We live here. We raise our family here,” Jason said. 

“We’ve had families actually comment, ‘So my loved one will not be here alone,’ and that is a comfort to them …” Cathy said.

Jason has been a licensed funeral director for 18 years and has been in the business for 25, but the couple just opened Smith Funeral and Cremation Care on July 1.

“We are an absolute full-service funeral home,” Jason said, adding that they offer traditional burial and cremation options, including their own off-site crematory.

Pre-planning, cemetery and monument services are also available.

“What we wanted to do was provide exceptional service, good quality service, to our families for reasonable prices,” Jason said.

A simple cremation starts at $2,350, Jason said, and includes all of the services except for outside expenses.

“Our traditional burial plans start under $5,000,” he added, which includes the casket and services.

“We have made it a point to have something that is affordable to every single budget,” he said.

The funeral home offers several different options for services and tailors it to the family’s needs. The couple is even planning to add a children’s room by the new year that will offer some activities to keep the kids busy.

The Smiths have a close connection with the West Virginia Family Grief Center, which helps families cope with the death of a loved one. 

Located right on Holland Avenue in Westover, Jason said the building is handicapped accessible and the parking lot is big enough for about 65 cars.

They also offer financial services, including a partnership with Springleaf Financial in Westover.

It’s all a part of giving people what they deserve, Jason said.

“Everybody that comes through here is still somebody’s someone, and we have to make sure that in the absolute most dignified way possible that we’re still honoring somebody’s life and somebody’s legacy,” he said.

“We let them talk,” Cathy added about helping the families when they lose a loved one. “We let them be in the driver’s seat. This is their service, this is their family, this is them asking us for our assistance.”

For instance, when Tammy Christopher Barnhouse’s father died three years ago, she remembers clearly how helpful Jason was for her mother and the rest of the family.

“He’s very personable. He took very good care of my family. My dad was tragically killed three years ago, and Jason was just right there for everybody,” she said.

“When he showed up at the house, my mom was truly at ease, and that’s our first time we’d ever dealt with Jason.”

Now that he owns his own funeral home, Barnhouse wouldn’t think twice about allowing him and his wife Cathy to take care of the service.

“Jason’s good at what he does, and he takes very good care of his clients,” she said. “They’re more like family now than anything else. He and Cathy and the kids, we’re close to all of them.”

ADDRESS: 108 Holland Ave, Morgantown, WV 26501

PHONE: 304-292-9494