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Friendly atmosphere sets Preston Urgent Care apart

When people walk into Preston Memorial Hospital Urgent Care in Reedsville, William Jones hopes they can feel the community, everybody-knows-everybody atmosphere.

It’s what he believes sets it apart from other medical offices, the clinical outpatient nurse manager said.

“We are not a traditional urgent care,” Jones said. “We are actually a hospital-based clinic so we have the association to the hospital and everything we do goes through the hospital.”

The facility has been open in its new Reedsville location since Feb. 1, and Jones said the main goal is providing  an easy place for rural community members to get medical care quickly and efficiently.

“It provides a service, an immediate service to the people in the local area where they can come here, we can rule something out ...” Jones said.

The urgent care does a lot of drug screening and urine analysis, Jones said, as well as physicals for organizations.

“We’re looking to expand that,” Jones said. “We’d like to go out to some sights and to offer same-day, maybe a Saturday, do some physicals there.”

But the clinic can also treat people walking in with a whole host of issues. And, he added, because of the connection with Preston Memorial Hospital, if further testing and care is needed, patients can be easily moved to the hospital.

On-site at the Reedsville location are two exam rooms, a lab area, a nurses/triage room and space in the back of the office for providers and a lunch area.

“There’s also a community feel up here. You know the people. You see them every day. You see them at the hospital. You see them here. You know the people that you’re treating ...” Jones said.

Kim Abbey has been treated at the clinic twice, and when her stepdaughter was visiting, they had to take her grandson to the urgent care.

Abbey said she appreciates the “old-fashioned community care,” adding that her stepdaughter, who lives several hours away, was also impressed by the clinic.

“She came out with nothing but praises for the care for him,” Abbey said.

She was also happy with her own visits, one of which was a case of poison ivy or poison oak  that had been wrongly diagnosed several times in the past, before a dermatologist finally determined the problem. When the situation flared up again, Abbey went to Preston Memorial Hospital Urgent Care, where the issue was quickly diagnosed. The same medicine her dermatologist had prescribed was given to her, and Abbey walked out of the office completely impressed.   

“I love the personal service. They are just so down to earth,” Abbey said. “You leave there feeling like you know them.”S

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WV 26547
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