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More than furniture

Omega Commercial Interiors offers custom design services

Omega Commercial Interiors sells furniture, but David McCormick Jr. makes clear that the new business on Hartman Run Road does more than hawk chairs and sofas.
“It’s the consultative interior design aspect of our business that is really what’s growing,” said McCormick, who co-owns the business with Peggy Schifano Lovio. “That’s what makes us special. That’s what sets us apart. Anybody can hang a sign on a building and sell furniture. We work with you conceptually, in your vision for your workspace.” 
That workspace might be a hospital, bank, car dealership or private office — the associates at Omega have worked with a variety of organizations. And while based in Morgantown, only about half of the business’s clients are here.
“We’re statewide,” McCormick said. “We have clients all over West Virginia.” 
He added that the company’s base of operations is in University City, not just because it’s home for Omega’s eight employees, but because “this is just a growing part of the state, with a vibrant economy.” 
Open for a little more than a year, the business has already turned a profit.
“There’s not a lot of companies that do what we do,” McCormick said.
While he is the president and CEO of Omega Commercial Interiors, Lovio is the vice president of interior design.
“We worked together for 15 years in a previous company,” McCormick said. “And we complement each other, our skill sets. We’ve been very successful — with her design ability and me in sales.” 
McCormick graduated from WVU’s College of Business and Economics. Lovio, and the company’s two other interior designers, Sabre Wood and Renee Lipscomb, earned design degrees from the university.
In addition to furniture, window treatments and color schemes, architectural products are also part of Omega’s design arsenal. For instance, glass walls are replacing those made of dry- wall, as they are more versatile and movable.
“Spaces are becoming more open, contemporary and functional,” Lovio said. “There’s a lot of daylight harvesting, letting the natural light come into offices.”
Adjustable-height desks, tables and seating are also popular. And benching systems are replacing traditional cubicles.
“People want a more flexible workspace,” McCormick said.
And, he added, the scope of projects Omega handles varies.
“It could be one desk and one chair or a whole floor of furniture. We’ve done all ranges of sizes of businesses and companies.” 
Whatever the job, he said customers can count on the firm’s efficiency.

“We’re like a SEAL team — versus our competitors are kind of like a big infantry. We’re in and out fast. We get things done.” 

Omega Commercial Interiors is at 510 Hartman Run Road. Hours are 8 a.m.-5 p.m. Monday-Friday. Info: Call 304-581-6701 or visit omegacommer