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Mountain State Maternity

Providing support, education, peace of mind

Like many 16-year-olds, Ash Edwards wasn’t sure of the career she wanted.

Then her mother, a nurse, mentioned becoming a doula — someone trained to assist women and their families during and after childbirth.

“I had never heard of that before ... so I looked it up and sounded amazing,” Edwards said.

Now she and  her husband  are making her teenage ambition a reality.

Recently certified in the profession, Ash and Adam are  the founders of Mountain State Maternity, based in Morgantown.

Whether her clients seek a hospital, home or cesarean birth, Ash and Adam provide support, education and peace of mind.

“We support whatever choices they need to make,” Ash said. “We help them envision the birth that they want and that they feel that they need.”

She also stresses that Mountain State Maternity works hand in hand with medical staff such as midwives, nurses and doctors.

“We are here to build bridges, not burn them,” she said. “Our goal is to work with your care providers to make an integrative approach to getting you the birth that you wish. The birth-room is not a place for conflict.”

Current services include childbirth education, labor support, placenta encapsulation and, most recently, birth photography.

The company has teamed with Chic Peek Photography in its latest endeavor.

“[It’s]  something that people are interested in these days, but it’s not widely known about,” Ash said.

Soon, Mountain State Maternity will also offer meal planning and preparation.

After the stress of having a baby, a new mom may just want “tater tots and wine as a meal,” Adam said.

That’s where the pair steps in.

They will work with families to tailor nutritious meal plans to their tastes, that include grocery lists and recipes. The families can then prepare the food themselves or work with the couple to make meals.

Ash is also training to become a postpartum  doula. That means that in the days and weeks after a baby is born, she offers information such as how to bond with or feed the infant. It can also be as simple as taking care of the child, while mom takes a nap.

“Sometimes that’s just what you need to feel better about your day or your week,” Ash said. “One thing that’s really good about a postpartum doula is that you’re hiring us to be there. So we are supposed to be attuned to what you need because a lot of people don’t want to say, I really just need you to do the dishes.”

Mountain State Maternity now serves customers in a
50-mile radius of Morgantown. Though, those outside of these limits can still be served for additional fees. The process begins with a prenatal visit.

While potential clients can contact the business online or via phone, Ash also hosts Coffee with A Doula at area establishments such as Terra Cafe or Blue Moose. Dates are posted on Mountain State Maternity’s Facebook page.  

Eventually, Ash and Adam look to make Mountain State Maternity into an  agency that hires other doulas, so that they can cover more of West Virginia. They also want to provide more services.

“We want to contract out massage therapists,” Ash said. “We want to be able to know the resources in the area, so if a woman comes in and she needs a chiropractic adjustment, there’s a certain technique that you use with pregnant women. So they need to know who to go to, to seek that care.

“My ultimate goal is to make the agency something that is like a one-stop-shop.”

ONLINE: MountainStateMaternity/ or
PHONE: 304-322-9395.