Mountain People's Co-op


  Mountain People’s Co-op wants to thank its customers as the business approaches its 40th anniversary, in 2015. 


  “We decided to launch new member benefits for our 2014-’15 fiscal year to offer better incentives, also to offer more growth to the business,” General Manager Ashley Keane said.


  Top-tier membership costs $150 a year, with discounts every day. Prices go down from there, including a $20 student membership. Mountain People’s Co-op also reinstated members-only sales, saving members up to an additional 15 percent on certain items.


  Mountain People’s Co-op is at the corner of University Avenue and Fayette Street. The store  primarily specializes in helping customers with bulk ordering. 


  “It’s the only place around where you can get some of the things that the co-op has,” customer Llew Williams said. “Their trail mix is really good. I mean, if you’re going hiking, they have got the industrial-strength trail mix with the chocolate and raisins. It’s really good.”


  Keane said people are drawn to the co-op for its locally grown organic produce and items that are not available in chain grocery stores. Several varieties of organic butters, jams, and jellies are available.  


 “Probably our biggest selling product is local eggs,” Keane said. “We have probably over 15 local farms that supply to us and deliver, usually about six days a week. Some eggs are even laid that morning and delivered to us.”


 Keane continued by saying, “Our [second biggest] seller is probably Kombucha, which is a fermented tea drink. It has a ton of health benefits and everything. Most of our members order that by the case.” 


 In addition to groceries, the co-op has organic vitamins, shampoos and soaps. It also has a selection of jewelry and a wide variety of fragrance oils available for purchase.