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Morgantown Escape Room offers a way to get out

Westover biz times teams to find clues

Morgantown Escape Room offers two unique immersive games for players. The concept of an escape room is relatively new to the United States, but its popularity is growing fast.

“You go in to play the game in a small group, and your job is to find the clues and solve the puzzles within that room that progress you through the game to ultimately find you the key to get out,” said Bob Albright, an owner of Morgantown Escape Room. “You have 60 minutes or less to do that.”

Spenser Yost escaped one of the rooms in a team of five strangers with just 23 seconds to spare.

“We were bad students placed in detention by Mr. Verner, a play on “Breakfast Club’s” Mr. Vernon, and he left for lunch, and we were given an hour to escape detention,” Yost said.

Once the clock starts ticking, subtle clues and interactive components put the brain straight to work.

 “It was better than expected, and it was a great experience altogether,” Yost said. “It’s fun and enlightening. You learn a lot about how to put clues together, problem solving, critical thinking, things to that nature.”

It’s an activity that inspires creativity and teamwork among families, friends and even professionals, Albright said. 

He said corporate team-building among coworkers is important and has the potential to greatly improve while teams are put to the test in an escape room situation.

“You could imagine any different type of group application that this could be appropriate for,” Albright said.

This kind of interaction can potentially cultivate strong bonds among strangers, he said. 

“It creates a space that people can come and team-build,” said Yost. “It has team-building exercises that will be very good for a lot of businesses in the Morgantown community and a bunch of different organizations. It creates a comradery between strangers that’ll come in here and do it at the same time.”

The Morgantown Escape Room opened Oct. 14.

“This is a fun, interactive event for small groups where you can go out and have a ball for an hour,” Albright said. “It’s a good venue, it’s a fun venue. It’s something that everybody should at least try. It’s addicting. You can get hooked on this.”

The cost is $25 per player.

A team of 4-6  is required for Detention Breakout, and a team of 6-10 is required for Race to the Game.

First person account by Emily Cowen

From the moment the door locked behind me and the hour started counting down, adrenaline pumped through my veins with startling intensity. I didn’t expect to be so nervous about whether my team would be able to beat the Morgantown Escape Room.

Knowing there were secret clues hidden all around me made me feel like a kid at an Easter egg hunt of extreme measures. 

The fact that I had to work with four strangers made me skeptical about our ability to communicate well. But as soon as we started to find puzzles and clues in mass quantity, it became obvious that we needed each other to progress through the game. We started blurting out everything we found … a surprisingly successful method.

Once we were low on time, I really started to feel the pressure. We knew we were so close to finding the key to escape, but we had no leads. There’s nothing worse than knowing there is just one Easter egg left, taunting you.

With one minute left, we finally found the remaining clue. We scrambled around, tripping over each other, to race to the door with our key to freedom.

We unlocked the door with 23 seconds to spare, and the rush was incredible.

There was fist bumping and giddy laughter as we revisited the details of our journey. I guess a shared experience of this degree can bond complete strangers and mold them into a fully functional team. 

This challenge put my puzzle-decoding, mystery-solving instincts to work, and it made me laugh at myself for always going to the movies to have a good time. Why should the actors have all the fun while I just sit there and watch?

Location: 12 Commerce Drive, Westover
Phone: 304-241-4207
Website: morgantown