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Student-led record label benefits area artists

Mon Hills Records is an independent student-led record label at WVU College of Creative Arts. 

The club partners with local artists under the supervision of Darko Velichkovski, Director of Mon Hills Records. 

Club members are split up into teams and assigned roles necessary to complete the duties of a record label, which may include working with an artist to produce albums, marketing strategies, sales and distribution plans and live production.

Artist Relations Manager Cody Kerns, junior MDS major, facilitates direct communication between Mon Hills Records and the artists.

Although any artist is welcome to meet with Mon Hills Records and discuss the opportunity to work together, the club cannot sign on everyone who fills out an application. 

“We can’t start somebody from scratch necessarily,” Kerns said. “We have to have somebody who has some bit of a following or has the potential for following.”

Rachel Eddy, a local artist who specializes in old-time Appalachian music, signed on with Mon Hills Records this past September. 

Kerns is among those who worked with Eddy on her new record, Devilish Mary, to be released in April.

“They just took amazing care of me and were really engaged in the experience of being in the studio and seemed very enthusiastic about the project,” Eddy said.

When Eddy heard about the opportunity to work with students interested in the music industry, she decided to take advantage of it since her pre-established fan base could build a mutually beneficial relationship between herself and the record label.

Sophomore MDS major and Co-General Manager of Mon Hills Records Clay McCloskey recognizes that getting involved with the club benefits not only the artists, but the students involved. 

“I know that I have learned a lot from this, and it definitely has helped me figure out some of the things

I’ll be needing to do,” McCloskey said.

“It really, really has helped a lot of students that are a part of it for their future within the music industry,” McCloskey’s twin brother Cole, also sophomore MDS major and Co-General Manager of the club, agreed. 

Participating in Mon Hills Records counts towards class credit for WVU students, but all students are encouraged to join.

“We want to show off the beautiful state of West Virginia and the type of music that it’s created,” Clay said. 

If you are an artist or WVU student who wants to potentially work with Mon Hills Records, visit their website at http://www.monhill 

LOCATION: 1 Fine Arts Drive, Morgantown, W.Va.
PHONE: (601) 310-2262
WEBSITE: monhills