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Dentistry comes to Cheat Lake

Facility open in Pierpont Centre

For dentists Danielle and Zachary Mace, opening their practice in the Morgantown area was “kind of a no-brainer.”


“She’s always wanted to have her own business and be her own boss,” Zachary said.


“This was the best place to do it,” Danielle added, noting that they plan to raise a family in their hometown, too.


Mace Dental opened about a month ago, at Pierpont Centre. The practice, between BFS and Wendy’s, offers general dentistry for the whole family, with a few additional services.


 “We provide dental implants,” Danielle said. “We’re going to be providing InvisAlign. We’re going to be providing Botox here shortly, just as some extra perks that not every dentist provides.”


The Maces — who began dating in dental school — worked with Omni Associates and Commercial Builders to design and construct their dream office. The spacious facility features lots of windows to let in natural light.


 “That makes doing dentistry much easier and your day much more enjoyable,” Danielle said.


Zachary Mace said the exam rooms are larger than standard recommendations to avoid making patients feel cramped. “We just tried to make it open and inviting,” he said.


Officer Manager Carla Halterman said it worked. She said Mace Dental offers a friendly environment with nice views, thanks to the abundant windows.


“The operatories upstairs have a beautiful view,” Halterman said. “The light definitely makes a difference. It’s just a big, spacious area.”


The facility also features state-of-the-art equipment. Zachary Mace said one of their biggest investments was in a three-dimensional Panorex X-ray machine.


“Basically what it does is give us the capability to take a more in-depth, better image. ... We can break it down into really small slices, turn the image around,” he said. 


“If [a tooth] is fractured, a lot of times you can see the fracture with this new image, whereas with older technology sometimes it’s a guess as to what’s going on.”


Danielle Mace said they built their practice at Pierpont Centre because it’s easily accessible from interstates 68 and 79 for patients in Mon, Marion and Preston counties.


“A lot of the practices in Morgantown are downtown or in the Suncrest area, so we wanted to move out toward Cheat Lake and be more accessible to other counties,” Danielle said.