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New owner, same fish market
Menu, recipes stay the same; desserts added


The Flying Fish Seafood Market & Deli may have a new owner, but don’t expect big changes at the Pierpont Landing business.
Jeffrey Burgdoerfer, a former sales representative for a food distributor, was looking for a turnkey restaurant with established recipes when he learned that former owner Marty Biafora was ready and willing to sell.
“It’s the same menu, same food, same recipes,” Burgdoerfer said.
That menu includes Flying Fish’s signature fish taco — made with blackened mahi mahi, fresh slaw and avocado.
“I’ve eaten a lot of fish tacos, like around the country. These are some of the best fish tacos, and that’s my favorite dish,” customer John Monteiro said. “That’s usually why I come back. But we eat a lot of stuff. Awesome fish and chips. The place is good, really good.”
Lori Vance, who works nearby, praised more than just the menu. “It’s quick, the people are friendly, and it’s very reasonably priced.”
Burgdoerfer has made a few changes. He has added desserts — including key lime pie, lemon cake and pina colada cake — and other highlights from his trips to Key West, such as conch. But he will continue offering a wide variety of the area’s freshest seafood.
“I’m going over to Baltimore, Md., where I have sourced product up and down the East Coast, and picking up that seafood and bringing it back here,” Burgdoerfer said. “You can’t get anything fresher than that in the northern West Virginia area.”
The Flying Fish’s seafood case is stocked with common fare, such as salmon and swordfish; whole options, such as trout and bronzini; and sushi-grade offerings, including tuna and opah. 
Jerk chicken and ribs are available, too — both in the case and on the menu — for customers who don’t like seafood. 
Burgdoerfer often asks customers what they plan to do with their market purchases.
“It’s kind of funny when you ask people that. They go, ‘Oh, well, I’m going to do what I always do with it,’ ” said Burgdoerfer, who likes to suggest alternatives. 

“ ‘Have you thought about sauteeing it with a little bit of olive oil, putting some diced tomato on it with some cilantro and some lemon and some shallots?’ People really enjoy the fact that we’re giving them ideas to cook at home with fresh fish that we’ve brought in to them.”

Address: 5003 Mid Atlantic Drive, Pierpont Landing
Hours: 11 a.m.-8 p.m. Monday-Thursday, 11 a.m.-9 p.m. Friday-Saturday, closed Sunday
Phone: 304-225-3474